Reconditioning – Creating New Habits

Change does not happen by osmosis, or reading a book. You aren’t just changing the surface, you are changing the blueprint of your life. As we’ve discussed, energy exists on the subatomic level, invisible, yet powerful in creating your reality. Because our bodies are made up of cells, which are made up of atoms and quantum energy, for change to be permanent, it must be made at that level. To create a new blueprint at the cellular level, you have to take specific, consistent, and repeated action. You have to create new habits.

Creating new habits to replace old ones requires conditioning. Your old thoughts are like chronic pain; they didn’t arise overnight. To change the pattern of pain, first you have to look at the symptoms to diagnose the source of the problem, then apply treatment, then reinforce your wellness by strengthening the affected body part. Getting well physically takes focused energy. The same is true of becoming conscious.

Expecting an immediate turn-around is the parasitic mind creating a way for you to fail. That’s why you will need to not only recognize the problem thought, but replace it, and then most importantly, repeat what you are doing. Experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That’s because the parasitic mind doesn’t want to relinquish its place in your life. So, to make the change at the cellular level, you will need to take action repeatedly until the change you seek becomes automatic.

Because you have been in a habit of allowing your thoughts to run free, focused awareness will be necessary in the beginning for you to see just how often the parasitic mind has been in charge. However, with a little bit of practice, you will soon find that you notice quite quickly where your thoughts are focused. Having a visual helps you remember your goal of changing negative thoughts. One suggestion is to make a hash mark on a piece of paper every time you catch a negative thought forming. By the end of the day, count up the marks and you will see just how often your thoughts revert to your old thinking.

To recondition your thoughts, begin to notice whether they are beneficial to a new way of being. When you recognize a thought that is negative or dis-empowering, stop what you are thinking and ask if it is true and supportive. If not, replace it with a new thought that lifts you up. Create and repeat affirmations ‘ declarations that are made in the present moment that describe what you intend to create in that moment. If you need to place these declarations around your living space, in your car, or at work to remind yourself, take action and do it. If you can say your declaration 300 times or more per day, you will begin to see a shift in your thinking, and ultimately your way of being.

Some of you might be thinking that what we’re talking about is just more “positive mental attitude”-type thinking. “Been there, done that.” There is a slight and critical difference between PMA and what we are referring to here. Positive mental attitude is a change of the language you are using. You recognize a negative statement and you change it to positive. In many instances, people use this method to “fake it until you make it”. The reason this doesn’t work is that changing the words won’t change the thought. You need to stop the thought. Question its truth, understand it’s a creation of the parasitic mind, then replace it with an empowering thought that comes from the inner energy in the present and not the past experiences or objects the parasitic mind relies on. Question more than the words; question the truth of the thought. Then turn it around and build a new thought. Since in all cases you are making up a story, simply make a new story that is positive and supportive to replace the old one you’ve been living.

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