Finally a Way to Change Limiting Beliefs in a Way That Is Fast and Lasting

Introduction: Changing Limited Beliefs at the Core

Humans are complicated beings who, early in their lives, rely on their care givers to formulate the beliefs that often remain with them for the rest of their lives. These beliefs are then either reinforced or negated according to the experiences that involve us as we grow into adults. Beliefs are reinforced through the way you behave and the manner in which you respond to the world around you. Changing limited beliefs that might be deeply entrenched way down in our subconscious minds can never be easy. However, those limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our full potential tends to cloud our senses, often preventing us from progressing as we should.

First Steps to Change

Before you are in a position to change your limited beliefs you have to recognise that you have them — and what they are! As an example, for many years I believed that I was bad with writing. It was only within the last three years, when I started writing a book, that I really realized I was actually quite good at writing. Apparently, however, as a child I had a teacher who told me that I was to stupid to learn and all through school and adult life I hated to write and part of me believed I had to except that as a truth. What a liability!

Adversities of Life

As an adult we often tend to meet many adversities we have to work our way through and some people appear to catapult from crisis to crisis, never intending to be the victim of circumstances but unable to do anything to get out of this destructive situation. Becoming aware that limiting beliefs may be a further hammer to hit them with may not be what they want to hear right now. So first, for a person to change limited beliefs, they must acknowledge they have them and be ready to do something about them.

Ready to Make the Change

Convincing somebody that they could alter their lives for the better if only they altered those core beliefs that are probably holding them back is no easy task. Nevertheless, the individual concerned needs to recognise they do hold limited beliefs and must be convinced that changing these beliefs will improve their lives. Once you recognise that our outlook and attitude to the world holds the power to alter our lives for the better is a remarkably liberating experience.

Free your Thoughts

Our potential is limited in line with our limited thoughts. Freeing up our thought processes to observe ourselves as we are can make us aware of whom we are. With the help offered by Focused Intention Technique, or FIT, we are in a position to be able to make those changes. FIT is dedicated to encouraging and helping a person to reach into those deep recesses within their subconscious mind and remove those blocks that are preventing them from living happy and useful lives as healthy, fully functioning and productive adults.

Who’s Holding you Back?

The only person holding you back is you! In other words, incorporate the FIT program into your life and allow them to assist you in changing your “I can’t” into the new truth – “I can”. It’s not going to happen overnight, but your mind is very receptive to be reprogrammed if you remove that stumbling block – the limited beliefs you have been holding.

Over a period of time your mind will begin to accept the freedom of sifting through a sheaf of incoming data, accepting some and discarding others – this is a long way from the ‘you’ who held such rigid beliefs that limited the world you lived in. Now you have freed your mind so that you don’t automatically reject something out of hand with no thought for the truth of it or not your world is so much bigger and your life has so much more to offer – both to you and to other people around you.

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