Delving Deeper Into the Deceptive Disguises 1st House of the Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: “Established and Maintained” Rising Sign’s Secretly Held Code of Honor

The first house of the natal chart reinforces the noble idea of a ‘code of honor’, one’s very own personal set of sanctified ethics.

These ethics have nothing whatsoever to do with ethics as you understand them but moreover the ability to do nothing else until you are able to cut through the bull malarkey attached to the false idea you’ve established for yourself.

You are to cease trying to smooth things over! Whatever unfolds is what you need and WANT to happen! No longer do you expend unnecessary effort in trying to prove you are a decent, kind, loving interested and devoted person.

You are what you are (celestially intact) and that is far more than any pretentiously glamorized picture you try to paint or insist for others paint about you by having them succumb to your fictitious righteousness.

You are to be loyal to no one until you can be loyal to yourself first and foremost. After that, your undying loyalty cannot disputed, ever! The astrological sign on the first house tells of the first mask you must rip away!

The indomitable lessons associated are the ones to be cast into the sea of forgetfulness. If at any time you do not move through the applied roles (cleverly implanted disguises) without full autonomy, the curse of the sign will engulf you in totality. You will continually complain and bemoan your lot in life.

You will wonder why you have been denied your most cherished dreams.

When you begin to pat yourself on the back or desecrate your character reinforcing a conception of how well or how badly you’ve performed the functions of the particular 1st house role assigned cease immediately.

You are wallowing in a self-intoxicating flood of aggravating distractions and alluring immobilizations. You have moved away from the lessons attached into the fractured thoughts of what you thinkyou ought to do, have done, or should do. Stop it!

Whatever it is you consider yourself to be or to be good at, you are, in fact, the very opposite as the sign upon the cusp of the 1st house works it magic. Look closely at the sign on the cusp to examine the nature you have exalted or debased in yourself.

Neither one is accurate.

You have been overly concerned with these matters; most especially how others perceive you in regards to their emphasis.

Example: Scorpio—sexual abuse, sexual degradation, choice of sexual partners, hoarding, possessiveness, lies, deceit, jealousy, need to be looked up to, sexual obsession, superior attitude, prostitution, living two separate lives, obsessed with matters of death, financial security, mafia type control in families, and relationship bondage.

(These are but a few of the elements of areas you will be shuttled through in order to remove your preconditioned distorted ideas)

Nothing you have ever done, will do or are doing this very minute makes one bit of difference to anyone but you! You are working through enormous ego complexes by being identified with the role assigned.

Whether that be guilt, remorse, regret, resentment, shame, disgrace, embarrassment, scandal, hatred, dishonor, and/or humiliation/embarrassment, the non-identification of these scenarios are the biology slides of your redemption.

The sign on your 1st house (along with planets; another session on that) will show you the ludicrous ways in which you set about to show your worth, prove your merit, establish your role of superiority and set yourself apart as one who knows.

You know nothing except whatever it is you are facing at the moment. The next moment may be entirely different with a 180 degree turn, but it too will be accurate.

You must shift with the glacier of fresh experience without holding on to the old patterns of habitual behavior. You are in the process of learning (experiencing) how to perform a virtuoso brilliant performance of remembering who you are.

You have no need to stop the flood of disasters you perceive are standing at the gate. Fling the door open and invite your self-imposed demons in. Have them sit at the head of the table so that you may get to know them intimately.

You are the one creating the demonstrated veil of hypocrisy. The color of your precious ruthless soul’s intent is the sign on the first house cusp. Therefore, you must make use of the worst the sign offers. Do not seek to be validated and approved in your 1st house cusp role.

How have you manipulated circumstances to make the episodes of that colored flavor house palatable? What have you dressed up, dolled down, turned and twisted to get the preferred acceptable outcome.

Forget about it! In order to live your expanded cosmic existence to the fullest, [barring no exceptions and preferences] do that which is called for under the flag of the 1st house sign’s cusp fully exploited.

IF it be Cancer do not expel one moment’s worth of energy in trying to prove you are, have been or will be a goodmother. Your task lies in ‘standing firm’ in the face of it appearing to be contrary. Cancer on the 1st house has quite of bit to hide; to protect oneself from (or so it seems) but that is the biggest fattest lie! No other captivity is as mentally debilitating as Cancer on the 1st house until one frees oneself from the ‘goody two shoes’ image held in check!

Do not shut down, shut out, or close up by projecting manipulating tactics of underscored attention to your children and/or others.

IF and when the occasion arises that you are labeled cold hearted, unfeeling, unjust, unfair, and uncaring, you have just begun to see the thickness of your deceiving mask. Relish in these sacred times. Always remember old ingrained habits die hard!

Discover the veil of pretention hidden in the sign on your 1st house cusp. This house is where you are the most deceitful! Unless you pierce the shroud of your needing to seen, accepted and revered in the realm of whatever category of the sign on your 1st house, you have in no wise begun to penetrate into your zodiacal soul’s intent.

And, to be out of touch with your soul’s intent is the true meaning of burning in hell fire.

You are in the process of tapping into the source spring of galactic liberating powerful truth by convincing yourself of your own worth then dismounting the horse of self-aggrandizement to walk upon your unclad feet of authenticity.

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