A Lesson on Success From a Multi-Millionaire

Just a few year ago I had the honor to meet with one of the now multi-millionaires of a major direct sales company. I had the opportunity to attend a special function for top sellers and recruiters. I had always admired this woman. She was an African-American woman from my home town, Detroit. She was elegant, poised, a great speaker, had a crazy sense of humor, and to top it off she was one of the top producers in the entire company. She loved what she was doing and it exuded out of every pore.

I sat in that hotel meeting room with my fellow consultants, we were all dressed in our company uniforms: black skirts, white blouses and red jackets. We were all decked out with buttons and ribbons that displayed our success but no one in the entire meeting room had more awards than the then soon to be millionaire that stood on the stage before us. We were all amazed by this woman even before she got up to say a word. You see, we already knew all there was to know about her. We all admired. We knew we were about to get all the money making, star creating, super recruiter tips straight from the mouth of the woman who did all of that better than just about anyone in the world.

The expectation was high and we were ready to grow. We were all poised to be astonished by the wisdom that was going to come from this highly accomplished woman and now the time had come. She opened the floor for question. The excitement was heightened because we knew that now she was about to release the magic words that would take us all to the next level in our businesses. Then it happened she called on one of the eagerly waiting women in the front of the room. I sat with bated breath in anticipation of the question. “Will this woman ask the question I’ve been wanting to ask her for years, will she, will she?” and YES! She asked the very question that we probably all wanted to ask. “Gloria, what can we do to be as successful as you?” the woman said.

We all waited wide eyed and pensively for the answer. Both the women on either side of me were waiting for the answer. The entire room was waiting for this earth shattering answer. After all this woman had broken just about every single company record they had. She had won every single prize the company offered. She had write ups in magazines. She’d been mentioned in studies at Harvard University. Surely we were all about to be knocked out of our red jackets with the gold nuggets of wisdom and knowledge we were poised and ready to absorb. We were not going to miss a single word. The entire room was completely silent accept for the sounds of the tiny buttons from the itty bitty digital recorders that many of us has gone out to buy just for this long awaited, highly anticipated moment. Gloria was about to answer the million dollar question. It was why we had all worked so hard to win the chance to be there. And now, we were about to know all.

Gloria paused, then there came an austere look on her face and we knew we were all in the right place because this was the gem, the morsel of wisdom we were all waiting for. Gloria smiled, in a way that only she could. Some of us moved to the edges of our seats and she said, “Successful people are disciplined.”

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